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on: August 24, 2021, 12:57:15 PM
xervers Community is a forum dedicated to the sharing and exchange of the xervers community. In this sense, it is important to offer our customers a climate conducive to constructive discussions, in a respectful and cordial manner.

xervers' ambition is to strengthen its links with its community, via a team entirely dedicated to this purpose. Its main objectives are to animate the forum, to propose content and to exchange with the members, in order to be the vector of your feedback and needs. It is not their mission to answer all requests or to replace the support channels, but they will do their best to help you when possible.

The xervers Community team is composed of 2 people:
- Webix, expert in servers and networks;

First of all, it is important to specify some good practices for all your exchanges on the forum:
- Our platform is dedicated to exchanges on technical threads,
- Never disclose your account information to a third party, either publicly or privately, except to members of the xervers team (marked "Administrator", "Global Moderator", "Moderator").
- Also, do not give third parties access to your servers, databases, etc.
- Target the right category on the forum to improve your chances of getting a response.
- Always check the forum history: your question may have already been asked.
- Has a solution been found? Don't hesitate to mark the message as "Solved" for greater readability and better indexing. Your "you" of the future might need your "you" of the past for a similar problem (it can happen ;) ). Above all, it will help all the other members!
- Thank your interlocutors, that will encourage them to come back to help you if needed :).

Our moderation charter must also respect our values, as well as those of our clients. We will therefore be uncompromising on certain aspects, including but not limited to
- spam, advertising, flooding, canvassing ;
- abusive, defamatory, racist, homophobic comments, etc. ;
- spelling and syntax making a subject unreadable;
- off-topic or repeated messages;
- pornographic or illegal content.

In case of abuse, the team will delete the message or ask for it to be edited. If these behaviours are repeated and harm the community, sanctions may then be applied (temporary or permanent ban).

Kind regards,

The xervers team
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